May 23, 2012

Frenchie Fun

French manicures are sophisticated and fun, but it can be costly to constantly get them done at a salon. Here's a colorful twist on a classic that's normally neutral.

What you'll need:
Two nail polishes--one light and one dark
Looseleaf reinforcements
Top/base coats

The step-by-step:
1. Paint your nails as you normally would with the lighter color. It's important that the lighter color is the base as it won't show up as the tip as clearly as the darker color will.

2. Let your nails dry completely.
3. Once dry, apply the reinforcements to your nails with just the top of the nails showing.

4. Paint this tip part with the darker color with thin coats. Let them dry completely or the reinforcements will peel off the polish.

5. Take off the reinforcements and apply a top coat. Voila!

Easy peasy! The hardest part was having the patience to let them dry in between steps. And taking pictures of my own nails... way more difficult than it sounds.

Also, a while back Corey and I did a "half-moon" design on our nails using reinforcements. Same steps, just place them a little farther down on the nail before painting the second color.

Do you have any special tricks to doing a french manicure on your own? If you give this a try, we'd love to hear/see how your nails come out!

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