May 15, 2012

Just the Beginning

Hellooo! Welcome to our new pride and joy!! We’ve been discussing starting a blog together for more than a year now and we’ve decided it’s finally time to get this bad girl going!

The Story of Kait & Corey:

K and C first met in freshmen year of high school when K first moved to Connecticut. However, though they shared a couple classes that year, it wasn’t “best mangs* at first sight”. While K adjusted to a new school and began making friends, C resolved she didn’t like K befriending all of her friends. Oh, high school, those were the days, eh?

Anyway, somewhere along the way, K and C realized how awesomely compatible they were and became steadfast friends. When college time came ‘round, they separated to attend different colleges until K realized she couldn’t stand to be away from C for a whole four years and transferred so as to be gloriously reunited.

Since graduating and entering the real world, K and C have learned to live away from one another (K in Italy, C in Connecticut) while still keeping up to date on all aspects of each other’s lives. ((Okay, we’re obsessed with each other, but it’s healthy—we promise))

We hope this blog will serve as a creative outlet, a source of inspiration, and a chronicle on our thoughts in fashion, food, travel and just general matters of lifestyle. We’re excited to see where we’ll take this blog to and likewise, where it will lead us!

*Mang: the greatest word in existence to describe best friendship (ex. "Yo what up mang!")

[Scared-to-eat-lobster-for-the-first-time faces]

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