Apr 4, 2013

An Italian Easter

I celebrated my first Italian holiday here this past weekend. Though I’ve lived in Italy for almost two years at this point, I’m usually home in the States for the bigger holidays so I was pretty excited to see how they do it up for Easter around these parts.

To start, I don’t have any cousins and when it came to family events growing up, the kids only ever consisted of my brother, sister and me. In contrast, Nicco has so many cousins that I’ve still yet to meet them all. Merely a fraction of his family gathered on Sunday, yet we were still a larger group than I’m used to and it was wonderful to be surrounded by all the loving, fussing, laughing and loudness.

Oh, and eating. To say there was a ton of delicious food would be an understatement. We started off with Tuscan pate, a variety of crostini and boiled Easter eggs that had been blessed by a priest. We ate lasagna for the first plate and then spare ribs and sausage and salad for the second. 

For dessert, we blissfully devoured profiteroles and Colomba, the Easter bread. We toasted with spumante, complemented the meal with wine and polished off the sweets with champagne. I’m not exaggerating when I say I think we sat at that table for about 4 hours and I wasn't even mad about the food baby that took up residence in my stomach for the remainder of the evening.

[Overlooking Prato]
Presented with a beautiful spring day, we stepped outside after lunch to simultaneously digest the cuisine we had consumed and the sprawling landscape. As if keeping company with amazing people and incredible food wasn’t enough, there were gorgeous views upon which to feast our eyes as well.

If holidays are measured by a happy stomach and a happy mind (which in my opinion they are), I'd say this one was a definite success.

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